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Veritagen Inc.

Veritagen Inc. offers opportunities for Canadian businesses wishing to explore and pursue some of the many projects available to entrepreneurs in the Latin America and the Middle East. Utilizing our many contacts and resources in the regions Panama, Yemen, Qatar, UAE, UK and Canada enables us to introduce and promote healthcare projects, hospital construction as well as residential and commercial ventures which are in great demand. There is, as well, the potential to develop an active pharmaceutical market offering lower prices for reliable products. Canada enjoys unprecedented popularity and respect in global markets because of its friendly relationship with all countries. Trends show an increasing trade among and between emerging markets which indicate that business environment is conducive to developing strong ties. Our optimism for success relies on high Canadian standards, competitive costs and reliability and integrity of both Canadian businesses and those in countries with which we are involved.

Provide comprehensive service in collaboration with Cellmark UK, most experienced DNA paternity testing with highest reputation for quality and customer service and recognized by wide range of customers including members of the public, the British government departments and the legal profession.

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